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What the Audience Had To Say

"Leslie has a powerful story that breaks down labels students carry and touches on difficult situations our current students face. Her willingness to share is a true testament that students can make their own destiny and overcome challenges. By sharing her story she makes real life connections for students. She is honest and real and a testament to the fact that where you start in life is not where you have to stay."

- Karissa J., Central Valley High School

"As keynote speaker to a group of community leaders, Leslie Stickel was amazing. Her insight, ability to connect with her audience, sense of humor, and delivery were all excellent. I would not change a thing. I have attended many motivational training seminars over the years. In one of the best presentations I've had the privileged to attend, Leslie captured my attention and my heart by providing a raw, honest presentation that inspired me and the entire group to stand up and improve ourselves and our community. Fighting back tears and laughter throughout her speech, I was unaware of the others in the audience until the end when the entire group responded with an enthusiastic and spontaneous standing ovation. THANK YOU!"

- Valerie Nafé, Executive Director
  Spark Center

"I was in a group you spoke to last week in Vancouver. I cannot tell you how much of an impact you had on me! I am a person with Asperger's and I don't always get the emotional side of things. The way you approached your teaching and the information you taught really got through to me. I was hoping you would send me your "The Boss: Hope Maker or Taker" presentation. I would love to have something in hand to refer myself back to as it is difficult for me to stay focused on the "soft skills" of my job. Thank you!  PS – I took my lunch break every day last week.  My staff didn’t know what to make of it!"

- Diane S. Department of Social & Health Services

"We had the privilege of having author, Leslie Stickel visit as a guest speaker recently for our women's retreat through Sparks Christian Fellowship. We knew when we invited her to come that we were in for a special treat, but had no idea how many women would be so incredibly blessed and inspired by her story of hope in our Lord Jesus. She is truly gifted in communication and was able to connect with our audience on a very intimate level while also using humor throughout her story; many times we were laughing hysterically one moment and tears the next. I would highly recommend Leslie for future speaking engagements. She is down-to-earth and real, well spoken, and engaging and has a way of making you feel as if you've known her for years. Her reliance on the Lord is inspiring and she is able to share that in a way that makes others want to rely on Him more in every season through ups and downs."

- Kim K., Women's Retreat Facilitator

"I loved your presentation! It was funny, thought provoking, entertaining, and moving. I had the opportunity to hear both the supervisor and the all staff presentations. I was just as moved and entertained during the second one as the first. I was almost embarrassed at how much I was cackling out loud at your silly comedy but then I thought, who cares... she's freaking hilarious! You're presentation was also refreshing and you have a beautiful outlook on life. After the presentation, I was telling my friends and family about it and said "Everyone needs a little Leslie in their life." You truly are inspiring and I want to thank you for sharing your story."

- Laurie N., Department of Social & Health Services

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