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Inspire Change With Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Leslie Stickel

Make a big impact on your audience by hiring me as your inspirational keynote speaker. I have several developed topics. I can speak about how to cope with loss, how to promote a healthy work environment, or how to let go of worry and embrace inner strength. However, I can also create an inspirational speech tailored to your audience. I share lessons of a life spent serving others and discuss my struggle with loss as chronicled in my book Hope Defined. I am available for a variety of events. Contact me if you are interested in booking a speaking engagement.


Each topic I speak on is tailored to the needs of the audience. If you have a topic in mind, I will create the presentation for you! Contact me with your questions and requests for custom presentations. A variety of existing presentations are available for your event, including:

Labels: They Peel Off
This presentation confronts the problem of living with a label. It is geared towards an audience of youth or folks who are going into situations where someone else may have already labeled them.

Bullying In the Workplace
This very real issue on the job is presented with tactful humor, insightful examples, and concrete solutions. It has been approved by the State of Washington Labor Relations Board.

The Boss: Hope Taker or Maker
Positive leadership increases productivity, confidence, and energy. It can also be exhausting! Leaders wear many hats. This presentation is geared towards reminding leaders that who they are as people first is the most valuable to those they lead and serve.

A Good Coworker
We almost spend more time with coworkers than we do with our family. This presentation highlights the importance of these relationships and acknowledges the power and responsibility we have in each other's lives.

Wired for Worry, Defined By Hope
This faith-based presentation was designed for a women's retreat. Women were designed with  unsurpassed strength. We worry and fret but then, by design, help, move forward, love, and support everyone around us.

Hope Defined
Discover how I was able to live life by not just surviving but thriving after losing a loved one to suicide. The key is learning to live with the loss, not in the loss. You can learn more about it in my book.